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Giant pumpkin plants not looking good

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Tee Gee:
The clue is here;

--- Quote ---The plants are now massive and rampant,
--- End quote ---

The plants are putting more effort into producing runners and leaves than forming fruit.

If you are going for 'giants' you want to limit this by cutting off growth a few leaves after the first flower has set!

Plus only allow one pumpkin to grow per plant.

With my pumpkins which I only grow to be lanterns for my grandkids at Halloween I just leave the plants to their own devices so that I get many pumpkins around the size of a soccer ball.

Definitely need a picture to decide.  More often than not the pumpkins that a plant puts out are the same shape and sometimes they can be uncharacteristically elongated.  Need a picture.

I haven't got a picture ... but they are definitely banana squash!  I grew them 2 years ago and they look identical.   And I think I probably got things mixed up in the greenhouse myself ... I sowed blue banana squash seeds at the same time as the giant pumpkins.  They never germinated at all ... but I must have got the labels the wrong way round.

So it seems I have done an injustice .... their giant pumpkin seeds do not come out as banana squash type plants ... they just don't germinate at all!

Atlantic GIant (adn they'll be a heavily selected variant of AG) can be a bugger to get started.... I always give it 3" pots in my thermostatic controlled propagator set to 28 degrees.... previously I've bunged them in with the other outdoor cucurbits I grow and they don't germinate in the rather cooler 8w fixed ones, they just rot, meanwhile around them, marketmore cucumbers, Winter Festival squash, Becky pumpkins and all manner of courgettes and gherkins are racing away....

Thanks for that ... in which case I'll count my blessings and stick to growing food rather than competition curiosities!

There's no way I'm going to be wasting electricity in March keeping a pumpkin seed at 28 when proper food just gets on and grows!


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