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Giant pumpkin plants not looking good

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I bought some giant pumpkin seed from this year for a bit of a laugh as my kids were goading me in to growing the biggest I could.

The plants are now massive and rampant, with plenty of secondary rooting - growing in last years muck-heap.  The first female flowers have just emerged ... finally!  But they are not pumpkin shaped at all - they look elongated and much more like the blue banana squash I grew a couple of years ago.  Am I being paranoid ... I'm starting to feel like these seeds weren't entirely what they were being sold as.

Do some giant strains start off long and fatten out?

anyone?  If these plants are going to do nothing then I'd quite like to rip them out and put something else in there ... as 2 plants are taking up the space of a decent year's potato patch!!!!

Have you anything that you really want to plant at the moment? If not I'd at least wait and see, sometimes life isn't what we plan but ok any way :tongue3:

You ain't gonna get round shaped pumpkin out of 'banana' kind. Some round ones may start as slightly oval and will round up or stretch into weird shape as they grow on..but it is distinctly long very early on..then it does sound like you've been sold 'duff'.
But...let it grow and see what it will be...though if it has only just started grow, it will be too late to achieve huge one.

Deb P:
Hmm, I'd be tempted to take a photo and send it to your seed company to complain...


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