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Gabanna, where are you

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Haven't seen Gabanna for a few days, which is unusual as he normally pops in for a quick visit or sits on the wall at night.  Owner knocked today and said he hasn't been home for 4 days.  I know he isn't my cat, but have known him since a kitten, but I am worried for him.  Owner's children are upset, and they are going to put up notices.  I just hope he hasn't got run over or stolen.  Gabanna please go home.

Still no Gabanna.  The foxes were out last night, so made sure Dulce came in.  Think I will lock him in at night.  No sign of Gabanna, no body or collar, so maybe it wasn't the foxes.  Dulce is asleep in his paper bag again, and he is no help in looking for his twin.  Will ask the owners in a minute if there is any news, I do miss that cat's visits, and he was such a trusting cat.


--- Quote from: Borlotti on July 07, 2014, 11:07:21 ---.... Dulce is asleep in his paper bag again, and he is no help in looking for his twin. 

--- End quote ---

One of my cats looks and cries for his twin brother.  When Winston is nowhere to be seen and William is out in the garden, I ask him where his brother is.  I then say; "Come on let's find Winston, call him".   We walk through the garden, William meowing all the time whilst I am calling for Winston.  Suddenly Winston comes running from wherever he has been hiding, goes straight up to William, greets him with a brrrrr noise and then gives him a nose rub kiss.  To begin with I thought William's calling for his brother was a one off, but it happens every time.  If it's William that is missing, Winston will look for his brother but doesn't verbally call him.  They have the same greeting though when William appears. 

I am so sorry to hear about Gabanna.  Was he microchipped.  Maybe he has been locked in someone's shed by accident. Foxes and cubs used to sit on the lawn with my Mum's cat and she had loads of photos of them.  She was a small cat but would have been able to defend herself as her claws were lethal as I found to my cost when trying to give her tablets. 

I hope you get some good news soon.


Fingers crossed Gabanna turns up soon!

Hope Gabanna turns up safely soon.


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