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As we have inherited an eater and cooker tree I was thinking about making some cider but I don't know the apple varieties......
But wanted to keep it simple do we have any cider makers in the house?and if so can you make it
On a budget without buying all manner of presses etc.


John started making cider last year.  We didn't buy a press but bought a large juicer from John Lewis. 

If you want to send us your telephone number in a pm, John can give you a ring and fill you in with details of everything. 

Jeeez Pauline,if I suggested to Jude I wanted to waste 150 squids on a cider contraption she'd have a fit,I can here it now.....your better driving the 5 mins to Burley Gazza and buying their scrumpy.

That said,each year Burley have a Pressing Day ,maybe if I offer my few hundred windfalls they might trade it for  the odd flagon of falling over water....HIC.

Yer,thank you Pauline,I'll do that with the number as I'm interested as to what other components
You need to make some.


I bought this one for OH for Crimble. We made a gallon of cider.....................................................vinegar :glasses9:
Never mind it will come in useful in the kitchen :toothy10:

You can stick washed, cored, quartered apples into a cheapie juicer.  Comes out greenish and foamy.  Let it run through a sieve lined with double muslin cloth.  Decant into plastic pop bottles and off into the fridge.  Release the stopper every few days initially.  Keeps for a long time.  I still have a bottle from last year, which fizzes very slightly when I open it now.  Cider is quite dry by now and tastes good. 

I mainly use it to deglaze the pan after frying pork chops for an extra special sauce with a good dollop of thick Greek yoghurt added right at the end. 


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