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I have been experiencing harassment and bullying for several months, mainly by a committee member.  I am also on the committee, having joined earlier this year (as did my bully).  We have neighbouring plots, and he has been difficult on and off for years.

Since we joined the committee he has become much worse, and the committee position is that we can't bring our complaints to the committee ... but they then allow him to complain about ME at the meetings.  He is more active on the committee than I am, partly because when I offer to do things my offer tends to be ignored.  (Another new female member also seems to have offers to help ignored, with most members being men.)

I have involved the police over the harassment, and the police emailed me to report that they had visited the man and told him his behaviour is not acceptable (I kept this email).

Because the committee would not address my continuing problems I contacted the Council and local councillors and the police again.  (The allotment is let by  an Allotment Association, who lease them from the City Council.)   The Council sounded concerned but said the committee must deal with it.

When the committee meeting learned that I had complained to the council about damage to my gate, three members had a go at me, demanding why I had gone to the council and shouting me down when I tried to state my problems.  One member threatened to vote me off the committee.  However, the meeting continued without them taking a vote.

However, since then the police spoke to the chairman about my complaints, and following this contact from the police, the chairman wrote to me saying that he is calling an Extraordinary meeting to consider removing me from the committee.  (There is a regular meeting in the mean time.)   He says I brought the meeting into disrepute at the last meeting, but he doesn't say what I did, and really all I did was try to defend myself against bullying,  I didn't even raise the difficulties at the meeting, since I've been told I'm not allowed to.

Although I have tenancy rules I do not have a copy of rules for committee members although I have repeatedly asked for them, so I cannot even tell if he is adhering to the rules.   I don't have a copy of the Allotment Constitution either.

If I get put off the committee then I think they are sure to find some excuse to evict me from my plot too.  One act of injustice will encourage them to think they can get away with another, and the member who has the one next to mine seems to have wanted me off for years, and will not have been endeared to me by my involving the police and getting them to warn him about his behaviour.

Please can anyone help???


one suggestion would be to take a witness with you to all meetings ect

if you can get a camera you can film said abuse and take it to the council show them how it is being run

take pictures of your plot keep taking them so you can prove your plots condition they will find it harder to get you off if they try

Hi Naboth, I know exactly where you are at because I have been there and done it.  I complained to the police (the association secretary advised this) about threatening behaviour (witnessed) from a plot holder , the police came and 'booked' him (he signed a promise to keep the peace) and about 1 week later I got a 7 day notice to quit on the grounds that I had caused a nuisance and annoyance.  I remained on site so they sent a 28 day notice and then they (I call them the site thugs) enforced this by entering my plot and destroying it.

Warning 1....don't think in terms of natural justice or allotment tenancy acts.  These associations operate in an unusual bubble of non regulation.  The association will ignore any natural justice processes (which should be in the constitution) or duties and act how they feel.  Even associations affiliated to the National Allotment Association can act outside of their constitution, without fear of any censure.

Your council will see this as a dispute between landlord and tenant, and distance themselves from any responsibility, a hands off approach.  When you look at the 1908 allotment act, you will see that the legal duty to provide and let allotments is still with the council, it is not with the allotment I would put pressure on the council, these rogue allotment associations should be regulated and held to account by the council in my opinion.

By the way, you have a right to see the constitution, maybe the council has a copy?  If your association is registered then you should be able to get a copy from the registering authority, but beware, even if you prove that the association breached it's own constitution, there is very little you can do about it.....and a legal route could be very expensive.

The best advice is always pack your bags and go now, but sometimes pride and a sense of injustice motivates people to make a stand, and I wouldn't blame you if you did. 


ohh dear did not realise this thread was so old never mind it might help someone out in the future

indeed i wonder how he got on


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