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Deb P:
Ooh that site looks good too....I have zero self control when it comes to seed sites!

I think I have found a new one.  Seekay Horticulture on Ebay.
When I bought several packets the postage disappeared after a few.
No fancy packing.  They are in small reclosable plastic envelopes.  Arrived quickly.  Nothing fancy but good prices on the basics.  Good numbers of seeds supplied for the price.  Mr Fothergill Mini pop sweet corn 3.10 for 50,  SeeKay 1.39 for 75.  Now to see how well their seeds grow.  Just put some sweet peas to chit.   

I can vouch for Seekay. I've used their seeds quite a lot over the last three years or so, and found them and their seed very reliable. The other good seed company on eBay with an even wider selection I think is Premier Direct. Also reliable seed, prompt delivery and excellent prices.


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