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Strawberry Wine

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--- Quote from: daveylamp993 on July 06, 2013, 10:57:24 ---Does the room have to be at a certain temperature ? my kitchen is about 7c at night but warmer during the day.

--- End quote ---

This is one of the main problems with brewing wine & beer,  temperature fluctuations has an influence on the yeast. Now the big boys can control this, but for us lesser mortals  :happy7: we have to make & do. All my wines while in the DJ's stay up the corner of the kitchen out of the way and they workout just fine. So don't worry about it, make some wine   :drunken_smilie:

Just for the record there is a way to control a ferment temp-wise and can be very useful in houses lacking central heating or good insulation. A water bath for the demijohns with a submersible aquarium heater. A small heater is only about 8.

Looks a lovely colour! Are you sure you don't want to top-up and not have so much airspace there though? (notices age of topic)...I wonder how that's getting on?

Best to let some fresh strawberries sit in the finished wine for a week or two before you let it settle again and/or bottle, this is due to the delicate aromatic chain that gets damaged by the unavoidable brewing process itself and can be recovered by simply letting a few fresh fruit have their aromatic chain leached out by the alcohol already present in the wine.

It will smell and taste good if you try this with ripe fruits (large handful per DJ).

Happy winemaking!


Sorry for not keeping up with this post turned out fact we had a couple of bottles only last week. It has a light sparkle too it that danced over your tongue... :drunken_smilie: :drunken_smilie:


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