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cashback sites - Anyone used them?

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Hi All,

I have recently started to use a couple of cashback sites has anyone else??

I am using top cashback ( and quidco (

Just made my 1st online purchase though them which was to boots and 2.5% back on a months nappies  :) and very tempted by 12% back on thompson and morgan purchases :) but mainly i have been using a new service both are offering for giving you cashback on things you have bought anyway. ClickSnap (quidco) and Snap n Save (top cashback) both offer discounts for different things and top cashback currently have a deal if you can prove you have spent 10 on fuel you get 2 cashback.

Is it just me is this 2 good to be true??


Well quidco works when I remember to use it, though I'll be going through easyfundraising for a while as my son is trying to raise money for Project Trust.

We use topcashback, had some decent deals with them, you wait a bit for payment but it always comes through. i used to get it on ebay purchases but it's stopped now, I've also had it for matalan and computer purchases.  :wave:

I might give that a go Cam. Do you get anything for referring a friend?

thanks guys and yes apparently you get 10 for referring a friend might try and get the husband to register hehe

I do keep looking for the catches though :(


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