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Thank you for your kind words.  This year I also grew three bonbon F1 squash plants but as you can imagine, they were neglected.  Last year 3 plants gave me 25 squash and this year only 5.  A west indian lady at work loved them so much so I gave them to her to enjoy.

As to the giants, well.... in germany most growers share them out amongst friends who like to cook them.  Next year, if I am blessed with good weather and good luck again then I'll aim to put them to good use (i.e. charitable causes). 

This year, the one that on the bottom left that you mentioned goodlife has gone to a garden centre in Lancashire for display and is being carved this weekend.  I'll post the finished pictures.  The seed that grew this pumpkin is renound for growing beuatiful orange pumpkins.  Had I left that one on the vine longer and there was a little more sunshine it would have turned a deep red/orange colour.

The remaining three are going to an artist from London.  He has already started on the one in the middle at the bottom and is currently moulding it so that he can make a giant concrete version.  He must be madder than I am!

If anyone would like some seed for next year all you have to do is ask and I'll get some over to you.

Hi Dandytown I would be interested in some seeds if you have any some spare. I was looking into growing big pumpkin for next year.


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