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« on: December 04, 2012, 19:51:05 »
planning is well under way for next season and after last year who knows what will happen.
i know growing giant  fruit and veg is not every ones cup of tea but i really get a buzz out of beating my old personal bests and i know there are a few of you out there that would  like to give it a go .
i promised earlier in the year i would be giving out some seed from my 798 lb pumpkin however  my seeds did not arrive back from ireland in good enough condition for me to save any,  now i know its shame but hey that's life nothing i could do .
 but all is not lost i have a large collection of seeds that I'm willing to give out  some of these seeds are quite special for sure  i wont name each seed and from what grower they are all from  but be as suered  every one of these seeds come from a selected genetic seed  stock  and anyone of them has potential to grow massive
 all i ask is for you to send me a  small jiffy envolope  stamped and addressed to yourself as i cannot afford to cover the postage costs and i will send a couple of seeds to you  but please only ask or send for them if you intend growing them.there are around 100 seeds altogether so the first 50 who ask will get them

i also have giant marrow seeds  from my own plants  the same applies
i also have giant cabbage seed from my own plants grown from Dave thomas  Cornish giant seed
i also have giant tomato  also grown from my own plants  bigzac or Delicious seed

feel free to contact me  or send me a message  and i will get back to you asap

and thank you all for following my progress during the past season it was a blast  regards mal
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