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Pond pump, on or off ?

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I've recently inherited a pond after moving house, and any thoughts would be greatly appreciated on whether to shut down the pond pump for winter or not.

There's a lot of conflicting ideas out there, so anyone's personal experience would be good.


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i leave mine on all year and never turn it off, but i do keep an eye on it during the very cold times to make sure its still working, but if your pond is a shallow one make sure the pump is not at the very bottom just in case something does go wrong that it wont empty the whole pond.

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Cheers mate, good tip that.

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Pond pump and filter - on 24/7 all year round although it makes a noticeable to my electricity bill. Lovely clear water so it's worth it and the fish seem happy too.


Mine gets switched off about now and left at the bottom of the pond till Feb/March  depending on the weather. Once the pond is iced over there is no way the pump will be able to function. It gets a thorough clean after the winter and then switched on again. But I am in Scotland. Further south is probably different. Oh my pond at its deepest is 3 feet.


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