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My Pumpkins 2012

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Brought the pumpkins home today as there had been a bad frost.

They weigh 2 stone 10, 3 stone 4 and 3 stone 10

Photo1499 by lisamarieparkin, on Flickr

photo1505_001 by lisamarieparkin, on Flickr

Photo1507 by lisamarieparkin, on Flickr

lottie lou:
They are brilliant.  Got none this year as mine sort of "walked".  My own fault really as I should have been more specific when I told a neighbour to help himself to what he wanted  :happy7:

They look great. my only big one is about a quarter the size of those!

Well done they look fab,  :icon_cheers: :icon_cheers: :icon_cheers:I didn't grow any this year

They look great, it's a lovely feeling when you get a "bigg'un" isn't it :-)


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