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Nice surprise this morning

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I'd almost given up on giant pumpkins and marrows this year so I was pleasantly surprised when I found this beauty -

I hadn't noticed it before because it was covered by leaves. 

Wow, it looks super Betty. Will you harvest it now or leave it a while?

Our 'giant' competition is on the 21st of this month so I will leave it and hope for the best.  I was really shocked when I found it!

Well it looks huge to me, good luck with the comp  :wave:

very well done on the marrow  they are real fun to grow and dont take forever thats a nice fruit and would win  in alot of shows im sure  i to have been  clearing my marrow patch this week ready for winter

 just watch it doe not start to go soft they turn pretty quick sometimes if its really hard to the touch id cut it and keep it safe from frost 
 if its still a little tacky feeling keep it going but cover it with some fleece just incase  once again well done and good luck at the competition


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