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If I am looking for specific squash it easier to order a catalogue , or use an online seed company.  As my local 2 or 3 garden centres don't seem to stock some of the types I hear about on here.  Any recommendations??  :)

I'd check ebay to be honest, there's tons of little seed traders on there doing specialist stuff, and most of them follow a pattern of free postage after the first pack, and generally work around putting a quids worth of seed in the pack, then 60p or so postage.... I can personally recommend Midland Seed COmpany and Premier Seeds, plus Elfskin Edibles... disclaimer here, Derek is  mate of mine but I'd bought stuff from him before I realised it was the same Elfskin that I knew from the festival scene....

There is a huge choice here:


--- Quote from: galina on September 03, 2012, 22:20:37 ---There is a huge choice here:

--- End quote ---
This is a German site close to the Belgian border. It is probably very good, however, given the perilous state of our economy, I am trying, wherever possible. to support British growers.


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