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2012 Giant Pumpkin Updates

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How is everyones Giant Pumpkins coming along?

The weather has been poor but I'm hanging in there.

Here's  'Nubbin' at 18 days after pollination (DAP), it should grow a bright orange fruit

Here's 'Bullet' at 18 DAP, this one is growing quicker and geneticallly is more likely to grow quicker and bigger... and it is!

Looking forward to hearing your updates  :D

Well I am only growing standard pumkins,but got some useful tips from your photo s, and the  jargon DAP.
Great stuff and inspiring!

Sadly our pumkin project is practically a wash out literally with all the weeks of rain, sunny now but I suspect it is too late for us. Roll on next year.

XX Jeannine

Mine are the size of tennis balls.  Will they have time to mature?

Yours are massive!  
Mine were at a standstill for ages and have only recently started to send out shoots and produce flowers.  I'll take some photos tomorrow, but I might need a magnifying glass if I find any fruit!


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