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Marestail - anybody used KURTAIL treatment

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Has anybody used Kurtail to treat marestail, if so how would you rate the product?Does it do what it says on the tin - kill marestale?

Round up mixed with white spirit or paraffin is supposed it kill marestail ,don't suffer from it myself but for them that do !would love to know if it worked ;D

if its for allotment use, then you need to consider that it's a professional product.

the company claim that you can use it under 'grandfather rights'. It doesnt belong on an allotment.

It's not selective and will kill all green material that it comes into contact with. The company also state that it will need re-application, possibly several times. It seems to be too good to be true and it probably is (long term)

There are lots of ways to remove HT. The secret is to not let the shoot get above 5cms, this will put such a strain on the Rhizome. If longer than 5cms, photosynthesis begins and this feeds the rhizome. It uses a very sensitive rooting network which will be weakened by constant removal of shoots, this will 'tempt' the root network to look elsewhere.

Boiling water will kill it to a few cms depth and is more effective than vinegar and wont tip the pH balance.

Soil improvement is the long term answer and worm introduction after that. The HT is there, because the soil is under-nourished. Feed paths and awkward places with lawnfeed.

Toshofthe Wuffingas:
The way to kill horsetail is to fertilise it? :o

I have horsetail on the allotment I took over in April. Halfway down the plot there is a thick stand of raspberries that I can't yet tackle but everywhere else I have not tolerated a spear to survive. Whether on path or bed a spade goes down vertically, the soil is lifted and loosened and a long bootlace lifted.
It is still coming up but early on I was lifting 100 stems at a visit. Now I am down to 20 or 30 and it has had no photosynthesis yet and it's almost July.
The plot next to me is one of the neatest on the site, far far neater than mine but he just hoes his and it's growing everywhere.

I'm just off to the allotment to do my 100 a day.  Lady laughs at me as I quite enjoy digging them up, but nothing really seems to stop it coming back, but have learnt to live with it. Another weed has taken over, don't know what it is but it has shallow roots but spreads all over the ground.  My friend digs it out, rakes it out and buries it, or hangs it on his apple trees.  Happy days, the sun is out, so off I go.


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