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2012 Pumpkin Season is almost here

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Pumpkin season is almost here folks!  May you all grow something huge and orange this year.

I'm sowing mine on the 7th April for a planting date of the 17th.  Eager beaver!

Good luck everyone

Where will you be putting it on the 17th?

I'll be planting all under cover with one in this greenhouse:

Fantastic!  I've looked through your photos and you certainly are dedicated, good luck with some giants this year!

Mine will be going outside in June, unless I can persuade my husband to construct a similar pumpkin house to yours but that is highly unlikely!

I'm itching to get them seeds in ( many thanks for them dandytown) but i will hold off :-X, I'm in the process of making a little cloche/ low level greenhouse thing for my pumpkins to go in to when planted out ;)


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