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Not quite a gardening topic but I wasn't sure where else to put it.

I've realised I can no longer unscrew jar lids from shop-bought pickles, jams etc and now just routinely hand them over to my other half (who is also showing signs of struggling where once it was a quick wrist flick). But of course have wondered what I'd do on the day he's not here and I desperately need a new jar of gherkins!

I've tried turning jars upside down and placing lids in a couple of mil of boiling water so they expand and make opening easier but of course this route takes time and doesn't meet my need for now!

Wondered which gadgets other forumites use to open jars. Seen simple plastic grippy circles and more expensive things and wondered which actually work.


In the short term use the door... hinge side to hold the lid tight... and turn...  :-X

Ray bought me some grippy things, rubber inside so it grips easily.

I've got one of these
(hope the link works!) had it for donkeys years, and for ring pulls like on sardine tins the simple blue Lakeland opener is absolute magic. In the short term though, wearing rubber gloves will give you a bit more grip.

Yorkshire Lass:
Betterwear do a opening aid which fits over the top of jars,etc. Very useful if you can't grip.


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