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RHS Courses Genuinely Work!


I completed the Level 2 RHS course last year and loved it.

In September this year I started a HND/BSc in Horticulture and the background knowledge from the RHS course has helped me so much, especially with the science, soil and botanical names.

If you want to go into higher education I can recommend taking the RHS course first, if you're that way inclined.


Mr Smith:
We have Brooksby Agricultural college just down the road from us, I'm looking at doing an Hedging course or something similar related to game keeping when I finish work next year, but just for an interest  and not real work, :)

I am about half way through the Level 2 RHS course and I am enjoying it so far. It is heavy going at times and covers a lot of ground but I am learning such a lot about gardening design and plant selection that it is really worth it.

To my surprise I have not found much little help on the net regarding course notes or sample questions apart from the past papers on the RHS website and this very helpfull website I suppose its just not as popular as other courses.



Im taking the level three plant courses exams in feb. Have noticed that on some of the past papers the pass rate is really low even with a 50% pass threshold.

Its a lot of material to cover isnt it and Im sure it is a good intro to a degree level but will it help any of us get a job in hort thats whats important to me.

Good luck and thanks for the useful links.
X Sunloving

It will help with jobs - it shows you have knowledge, a good qualification from the industry leader and the initiative to spend your own time/money on education!


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