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Serendipidy.   or "So THAT'S what it is".

I found an item on my allotment after I'd spread a load of manure covered in muck.   I asked on various forums if anyone could identify it.  No replies were forthcoming.   It turns out to be a Ferndale Lodge Magic Seeder.   

Thanks Petefj,  I'll certainly give it a try.    :o    Cheers,    Tony.

Dont bother unless you like wasting your money. I bought one of these 2 years ago and after using it 3 times and the plastic handle snaped. Had a replacment and the main body split open. Its not made in Germany its made in Denmark and its cheap plastic rubbish not worth the postage let alone 34.00

Many years ago they showed on TV a system for putting carrots seeds into wallpaper paste and then putting in a plastic bag with a small hole in the corner and squirting down the row.

It is however very difficult to find paste without fungicides in it.    But a water based cornflour sauce mix works just as well.  Warm 1/2 pint of water, mix two dessert spoons of cornflour with a small quantity of cold water and add to warmed water stir over heat until it thickens, allow to cool.  Stir in seeds and put into plastic bag. 

green lily:
Yes of course I'd forgotten that one ;D. Thanks for the reminder although I have lost most power in my right grip which is a pain [RA] in more places than one.

Like the tip with the cornflower, me thinks I will give it a try.............thanks


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