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Has anyone here had experience with such a tool?

My arthritis limits my movement, especially stooping and bending.


I have problems bending to sow seeds. What I have done is make a aid by using a 36 inch lenght of  plastic overflow pipe (its about 3/4" in diameter) with a plastic christmas pudding container screwed to the top of the pipe to hold the seeds, I make out a drill with a piece of wood with a V shape cut at the sowing depth at the bottom to draw out the row, then I place my seed sower over the spot where I want to sow the seed and drop the seed down the pipe. Cover over the seeds with the back end of the rack and bob`s your uncle - job done.

After I posted the original item I scoured the Web and came up with this:

It's made by Wolff of Germany, and should be of good quality and efficient.  It comes with five different wheels for different sized seeds so it should cover most seeding eventualities. Especially as I find it's possible to buy the smaller seeds pelleted and thus suitable for this sort of use.

I thought that other posters here might find it of interest.  The total cost is 34.95 plus p+p.


green lily:
That  looks interesting I'll be interested to hear how you get on with it. I'm thinking of investing in one of those little seed sowers for small seeds as my hands can be a problem. Hope it will help to sow carrots etc thinly. But I'm getting off thread. The seed sower you've found looks like an old small holding driller and should last for years and do everyone on the site.Sounds like a good buy! ;)

That looks like it could be useful, especially when you have problems with dexterity as I do.
Will look into some of those tools further.......?


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