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Hello All
I just enroled with HCC for the duel modules RHS Level 3. Im not worried about the work (Have pPhD and taught bontany to post grad level and i love doing a bit of research) But ive no idea about this college and was just wondering if anybody has used them.

Was shoocked at few places offer these and the practical module, I was hoping to meet other gardeners and do the course with other people but no local place does them.

Katy newbie how did you get on with choosing?

Hi SL, only just seen this. I drove myself demented reading reviews of different places and eventually plumped for HCC. The course material seems very comprehensive, although some people have said that there are lots of typo's etc, but I have not found any yet. I am doing the Principles of Plant Growth,Propagation and Development course, because my aim is to learn to grow better plants, it seems that I will know an awful lot more after this course!

I will probably take the exam, but it's more for personal development. If you have an academic background it should be no problem for you! Let us know how you get on?

Thanks for your reply
Well it sounds promising and very interesting
Good luck with your course sounds fab.

X Sunloving


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