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I have just started Level 2 at the local college and after 2 lessons I feel that I am out of my depth.
I thought this was supposed to be the equivalent of a GCSE but it seems to be more degree level stuff.
Anyone else feeling the same?

Hi Poolcue, I have just got my stuff from HCC for the level 2, no idea how it will go, no one was interested in answering my question before, but hopefully we can help each other as we go? My choice is the plant propogation bit, seems to me more useful if it helps me to grow better plants!

Hi Katie and Pollcue

I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling out of your depth on the Level 2. having done level 2, advanced and diploma if you have any specific queries I can help please feel free to ask!



I have city and Guilds level 2.

Two years of hard slog but enjoyed every moment.

When I first started I got scared,thought I had taken too much on.

Really had to discipline myself to study properly and of course had a great tutor who made all the difference.

Took my final exam and passed with distinction............that feeling was wonderful,not bad for a middle aged woman who had not studied for years.

Found hanging around this forum a great help absorb a lot of info.

You can do it...........always happy to help if I can but many members on here are a mine of info so always ask.

Mme Muck:
Hi there,
I did Level 2 this past year and found it quite a jump initially, especially with the plant classification bits to begin with as all 'new' to me.  However, did find going through that things would start to sink in and make sense. Especially useful I found was dipping in to different books - I would come home laden each week with a new selection from the college library - just to look up different bits, not to plough through.

The 'course book' - the big red one, I forget its title - is a good backbone,  It's expensive new but our library had several copies.

Pleased to say I passed all modules (some commendations!),  bit disappointed didn't do better on veggie production module though....only a pass - too complacent I guess  :-\

Stick with it!  Good luck.


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