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Walsall Rd sunflower competition

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--- Quote from: Squash64 on August 30, 2011, 16:55:57 ---We judged it today and the winner was my neighbour with his 11ft. 8in beauty.

I came third with 9ft. 4in.

--- End quote ---

Congratulations to Norman and to yourself. 

Norman's sunflowers are very interesting - he could have won the smallest as well as the tallest, they are such a range in sizes  :)

He planted the row from one of last year's seed heads and some only grew to about 2ft.  They were supposed to be a 'hedge', dividing his plot and didn't have any special treatment.  He was as shocked as anyone to see how they grew.  :o


--- Quote from: Squash64 on August 30, 2011, 17:41:37 ---
That's him - he was being a bit shy today and wouldn't strip off for the photo.  ::)

--- End quote ---

In this weather?  I don't blame him  ;D

Did you have one this year?
Just been looking in here and shocked to find so few posts ... almost nothing this year...

No, we didn't have one this year.

People still grew them but for some unknown reason, I never got around to organising the judging!


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