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As my aches and pains increase I must renovate my garden.

I have an ugly  greenhouse which I use as a  dump for miscellaneous stuff. I have a ground level veggie patch raised only 6 inches.

So I plan to get rid of greenhouse and get a small shed instead for "stuff" 

Would also like raised, waist high, beds for my rhubarb and gooseberrys but they seem expensive and difficult to make. Can grow small amount of veggies and salads in hanging grow bags next year.

Any other ideas?

Gen in Northumberland UK

Hi been going though the assisted gardening ,I feel a bit guilty as i never read it,i don't know if its because Aim disabled myself not in a wheelchair but have arthritis pain anyway enough of me!I thought big pots might help and secondhand sleepers if you could afford them?they make good raised beds and no maintenance,just some strong men!grow bags on waist high tables/greenhouse staging ,do hope you find some answers to your prob .

lottie lou:
What about a couple of pallets cut in half and lined with poly to help retain moisture.  You could maike them about waist height.

Thats a good idea LOTTIE !

What about hessian bags that are sold as charity bags. They make great growing bags and they come in all sizes, When I am really old (next ten years) and I down size to a smaller garden I will use these bags, they have handles and can be moved with the sun. I reckon you could grow enough onions in one bag to keep you going for some time. Carrots would be great and all manner of veg. Potatoes would be OK but brassica not so good as they need too much space. You could grow enough veg in a back yard to keep you going for some time. Strawberries, Blueberries, gooseberries you could really use your imagination.


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