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It makes me very angry when I read this, having lived in the UK from 2000 to 2009 I was appalled at the way anyone with a medical disability was treated, it was one of the main reasons why we decided to return to Canada. Poodles are given better treatment there by vets.

My advice to you is to go to any important reviews etc with someone on your side.

Apart from serious back problems my UK Dr diagnosed me with FM when there, I refused toi believe it  and we had more serious issues to deal with anyway. Now back home they have one by one dealt with my health problems and among them was the FM diagnosis. It is treated very seriously here and I have never been made to feel uncomfortable etc.

Re blue badges which someone mentioned, although on 2 elbow crutches in the UK I was refused a blue badge, I appealled, my Dr wrote a letter and still I was refused. Here my Dr suggested it, gave me a form he signed it, John took it to an office  closeby and I had the badge in 1 hour.

Such is the difference.

I want to say something and am not sure just how to phrase it so please don't anyone get offended at my clumsy attempt.

One thing that we noticed when we returned tio the UK foir those 9 years was how timid folks seem to be about standing up for themselves  especially with anything medical,. Drs are treated as Gods and the patients are expected to be grateful,you can't choose your Dr, you have to have what is in your area etc and when in with a Dr folks seem to put up with rudeness and abruptness as if that is the way it has to be.. it isn't. I changed my Dr 6 times till I at least got one that I could communicate with.. but  I am rambling and missing my point.

It is your life, your body, if need be arm yourself when confonting a medical anybody in the UK. Appeal, argue, don't put up with ruibbish etc.

The poor standards in the UK will never change as long as folks just accept it without putting up some resistance.. I know it is hard but you owe it to yourself.

Sorry harsh words, but don't accept the garbage, just because you are not able to work does not make you bedridden which they seem to think you need to be to be truly ill, you and I both know that working a job is much harder then dabbling a bit in the garden and for anyone to suggest that you are swinging bthe lead because you grow a few veggies is insulting..don't stand for it.

Scrap for yourselves as you would your kids..

Good Luck

XX Jeannine

Ragdoll Lady:
Great advise Jenny as always. I just think its always harder to stick up for yourself than for a partner or a child.

wow!! Excellent points all, especially the ones from the Canadian lady.

I'm SO pleased that after 2 years of hell with local 'doctors' I have just returned to my original practice of doctors who, for almost 30 years always truly supported me in managing the arthritis and fibro. Within 5 mins of getting back, my doctor had arranged new physio appts that WILL (she wants) include Green Gym as advocated by Headingly Court for returning Forces personnel as 'rehab'. A full MOT and other bits... The practice I was at for 2 years couldn't even be bothered to sort pain clinics, 'gutter' arthritis crutches or anything useful. So, I agree. Vote with your feet..  Complain to PALS.. get the media involved . Nonetheless, I still expect to lose my DLA even with my doctor's support, my Thrive, FibroUK, etc., memberships  as ETOS are paid 13,000 for every person they get thrown off benefit !

Still interested in hearing from folk about how they manage. We need as much support as we can get.   

I think to get the 13000 they have to find them a job & they have to keep that job for 2 years. I'm sure I'll be corrected if I have that wrong.

Also, it's ATOS.  ;)


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