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With the changes at DLA and incapacity benefit etc., I'm wondering what issues, if any, have been brought up by them against disabled gardeners/allotment users? Many disabled/debilitated people use gardening as therapy - doctors have even been known to 'prescribe' the 'green gym' (gardening and the outdoors life) as therapy for people with physical chronic conditions such as MS, fibro, ME, arthritis.
Has anyone had any support/hassle? Are you willing to discuss this, as I know several folk who are worried.

Ragdoll Lady:
I understand exactly where you are coming from. I am 49 and worked up until 6 years ago full time as a cook producing 400 dinners a day. I was in chronic pain for about 10 years of that time. I got depressed and couldn't work I was then found out to have osteoarthritis in hands, feet,neck and spine. FM and now carpal tunnel too. My firm paid me unitil it was obvious that I couldn't work i did not claim anything as I was convinced id beat it and get back working. Well I cant and the FM is worse on the two occasions I Went to sort out claiming they were so nasty stupidly I gave up. I couldn't take the stress. I have to go back to sort things out and I am dreading it.
The attitude of the govt towards anyone who is long time sick or disabled is abysmal. They think sick people are putting it on. They have no sense of what living in pain or not being mobile is all about. I really think in their warped minds the believe people choose to be sick, I find this insensitive and insulting. The genuine sick and disabled are being punished by the fakes and instead of having the guts to find and deal with the fakes the govt is going for the soft option and picking on the genuine ones instead as they probably hope they are too ill to fight back.
Gardens to us sickies are a way of showing us we can still do something useful and productive. It takes all my energy to grow stuff in my garden but it keeps me going, motivates me to move my body and does my mind good too. But I can see all us sickies going out in darkness to tend our gardens to escape the prying eyes of dwp spys. My what a sad world we live in.

I have ME/FM. ME for 17 years & FM for probably 40 years but didn't realise it was FM until I read about in a book about 10 years ago. I then set about finding what would help me. Diet & acupuncture worked but latterly the acupuncture failed so I had to resort to amatrypiline which I have found really helpful.

I am fortunate in that I am now in my 60s so am getting OAP. I did used to dread medicals but never had any problems.

 I am badly disabled with osteoarthritus in both my knees can barely walk anymore,
Yes the disabled do come as 2nd class, thinking we are all dueping the goverment oh how i wish they could see the car parks for disabled & supermarket parking some peeps have a badge , park the car & RUN off to get there shopping while the true disabled are riding around the car park looking for a space near the store, it makes me very angry.

Please may i ask what is FM?.

Indeed you may Rosebud, it's fibromyalgia. It used to be known as fibrositis.


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