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Still  not working :(

- you are pre-viewing it ?? Then you can see if it's going to work?? = Tim

The gardener:
Try this BL

Open picture in HP (full size)

Right click on it

Click on properties

Highlight picture location

The easiest way to do this is set the cursor at the start of the address, i.e. before the h in http://

Right click, then click on 'select all' this will highlight the whole address.

Then right click again and click on 'copy'

You should now be ready to put it in the forum.

Open reply or open new topic in All 4 forum

Click on the little mountain scene icon ( fourth from left bottom row) this should place a double set of square brackets on the forum message panel with img. in one/img in the other.

Place the cursor between the centre two brackets, right click, press paste and this will locate the address between the brackets.

ps I tried to do this by example but the system will not allow it, it thinks I am trying to send a picture (does that make sense)

You should now be ready to post your picture/s

Press preview and have a look, if ok post it

Best of luck

- so - what's this with a little mountain scene?? I must suss it out!! = Tim


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