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Well, here goes! If you are looking at a blank screen Wwith lots of gobbldy gook,it has not worked, if you are however looking at my 4 babies that i grew, and we carved for Halloween, hurrah!  

It worked!!!  ;D Thanks Tim!  Dottie P.

Fantastic! Just printed them off for the grandchildren.

And there's no need to 'test' in public surely - what's the 'preview' button for? - Tim

Too clever by half, it will all come to a sorry end. No seriously though, they look really good for Pagan ritual objects.
Now please tell me in great detail how to get your little icon pic on. No matter what I did it would not work I would like to use Rocky the Bantam. Aint I a duffer?

yes - should I have one of an Elk?

Swore I'd never get involved in all this fandango! - Tim


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