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Garden Manager:
This has probably been covered before, but I have noticed a number of you have your own pictures in thumnail form in your member profile which appears next to your posts.

I have been trying to do the same but without any luck.

What i have done is found an image using Google, saved it to computer, then uploaded it into Hpphoto. I then 'created a link for Auction' and selected thumbnail before copy and pasting the link into the approriate place in profile setup. When I save the changes no image appears, nor do i get a red X in a white box.

Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong. I tried also linking from the source website direct to A4all, but this did not work either.  Please help. (Eric?)  ???  ???

PS I am using .gif 's not .jpg 's

Mrs Ava:
That is your problem Richard, they need to be jpg files.  I use, which is fine but as you can see from my pic, if viewed to many times in 28 days, the stick a warning over it.  No big deal really.  I don't know what others use.  Hope this helps ya. ;D

Hi DG- why the change in name by the way?
I found that when I was attempting to put my piccy in, I had to tick "no picture" on the pre-existing list as well as putting in the link in the space. I wonder if that might help?
Also, I know there is a whole question and answer conversation on this topic, so maybe you could do a search and find it and then you might be able to work it out from there.
Hope that helps - you know that I am not techie at all!
Sally   ;D

Garden Manager:
See 'Testing Testing' for further details, but

Thanks to Dany lion for putting me on the right track. ;D Sorry EJ you didnt help me much. But thank you for trying anyway  :)

>:( >:( really will have to brush up on your interpersonal skills.........

>:( >:(


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