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Private Allotments - How much do you or would you pay??

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Hi everyone, newbie online. I know that a lot of councils have waiting lists for their allotments and that private allotments are springing up?

What is the going rate for a private plot?

I was looking into opening one, providing 1/4 acre plot per person and a share in a very large greenhouse. What what be a fair monthly price?

thanks everyone and happy growing ....

Hello Kath, welcome to A4A.

1/4 acre (40 pole) is a very big domestic plot but not big enough to do anything commercial.  You might get takers but it'd put a lot off I suspect, you should maybe think about 5 and ten pole plots.

Whether you get punters depends on how close you are to people.  If you're slap-bang in the middle of Ashford then you could be swamped, but if you're a couple of miles out of town I'd be surprised if many people would make the effort.

120 for a 40 pole plot is quite a cheap rate per pole but 120 is a lot of money for an allotment, especially when 10 poles provides for most people and 40 poles will be too much to manage.  30 for a ten pole plot is good value, and 60 might not put many people off.

There is a commercial allotment site in Kent - The New Allotment Company site at Honnington and they comparable to what you're thinking off.  Their most expensive offering is a 3.5 pole plot for about 40 per pole, but their rates come down for bigger plots to something like 13.50 - 1250 for what they call their Business Allotment at just a bit over half an acre, and that's still very expensive for an allotment, and utterly preposterous for agricultural land unless you're growing opium or something.

What facilities do you have.  Toilet, site shop, communal area, car park, water taps, security?

If you're running this as a commercial venture think about installing a site association to manage it under licence because it might not pay for you to do the administration/lettings/customer care yourself.  There might be an allotment society in your area who would operate it as a satelite site to their own.

I think that your location would would have to be taken into consideration.Folks will pay more in some areas than in others

Hello Kath and welcome to A4A. At the NSALG training on Saturday the price of a 10 pole (300sq yard) Allotment in 1971 at the prices then would now be between 100-180 depending on which prices index you used..
The city average here was about 60 pa a couple of years ago. I would pitch around 50 per 10 pole to see what interest you raise... there may be local groups already trying to start some off which could give you ready made self-management...
the allotments regeneration initiative 0117 923 1551 may be able to put you in touch...  :-\

Place near us is going to charge 25/month!!!!!!


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