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Another new challenge, your suggestions, please

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these are the three areas we have agreed to set up for our special needs group at their drop in centre
firstly, the flower beds, we are building 3 large flower boxes near the seats so wheelchairs can access the middle, pictures will follow, we hope  ;D
secondly, vegetable beds , 10 of them, with 3' beds between, wheelchair accessible, food will go to the kitchens and we will help with growing the stuff, etc
thirdly, a large fruit cage, double doors at the front with a 3' path down the middle, they have a grant for the wood so we have just sorted out the plans today..luckily, they have the man power to build the beds and  put in the soil (community payback team)  should be fun  ;D

sorry, forgot, what to plant in a 6" deep bed that people in wheelchairs would like to work on ???

Sounds like a super project to be involved in developing, lots of fun.

Are all the beds going to be 6'' deep?

I'm filled with admiration, Mal. I don't know where you find the time and energy with all the other stuff you do!

I have some good days, Anne,then I go mad  ;D
Jayb, imagine, if you will, a desk with 18" beds, 5 boards high either side, attached to the middle (the knee hole) is a 3'x3'x6" bed, filled with soil, I was wondering about a short trellis at the back for dwarf sweet peas, black eyed susan, any other short climbers anyone can think of,
we will be doing a scented one, I have thymes, lavenders, couldn't do a rose unless we can get a small, thornless one..
the different mints I have will be dotted in pots around the place..lots to think about over winter  ;D
wondering about some strawberries in one of the side boxes ?


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