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Here is another project that could made up for those who are not strong in body or health.
An access ramp for the garage, which allows the user to get stuff in and out of this area without to much assistance from others once in place.
As yet it has to be coated with some anti slip goo to further waterproof it and help the user from slipping over or off in the slimy damp season.
I made this from oddments which were lying around the garage not doing much, but I cannot bare to throw away good wood without justifying why.

Now where did I put those paint brushes so I can complete it.

Landimad. That has given me an answer to a problem, I often mow daughter's lawn (next door) when she is at work but in the "tunnel" between the 2 bungalows there is a drain either side. These days I just find it difficult to lift mower over these drains (have to wait for help) so your ramp would be ideal for me. I have some exterior ply in my late husbands workshop. Thanks.

Glad to help Lorna, I used 3mm marine ply and laminated this until I got the right curve to an even run over the top. If the ply is thicker then it will not bend, you may have to extend the ramp to allow for the improved slope and to cover the drain pipes.
Hope this helps.

Well its finally finished and in place for me to use.

Here are the final stages prior to putting in place.

painted in black.

Coated in resin to adhere the sand.

Finally on with the sand.

If this gives others ideas of how to access the garage and other areas, then I hope this helps. We are not getting any younger and there are limitations on what we can or cannot do.


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