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Following the recent PM seed requests by a complete newbie, Iíve been wondering why weíve got people joining just to ask for freebies and it didnít take long to find at least one answer.  On the moneysavingexpert forum, a member there (who is also a member here) has posted many times that this is a seed swap site where you donít have to give anything in return.

If you prefer that your goodies go to people who stick around and keep the forum lively and vibrant, just check the memberís last posts in their profile.  Itís usually very clear if they are freeloaders.  For example, thereís someone at the moment (who is also a moneysavingexpert member) who has posted 12 times here and 10 are Ďcan I haveí posts.  Ultimately itís up to individuals who they give their seeds to but itís worth knowing that there are blaggers operating.  Iíve stickied this for future reference by newbies.

thanks for this, ceres, I'm a member of martin's money tip, I'm off for a look  :-\

She does go a bit overboard doesn't she?

Thanks Ceres, I had spotted that happening too. ;)

I rejected several newbie from my seed swap.  It is rather difficult because it does not seem very welcoming to say hi welcome to the forum, but sorry I am rejecting you.

I certainly have got back a lot less seeds than I put in.  I think next year I shall do a collection and then divvy it up.  At the moment those that put in the most are not necessarily getting a good deal. 

Nice to see you posting Ceres.  Can you put up a link?


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