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Are you Mimi from Caernarvon?

Hi guys  :wave:

I was a member of this site many moons ago as Coznbob but divorced the Bob and had to give up my allotments. Happily life has changed very much, my kids are much older, have remarried and have just got a new plot!

Am very excited to be back in the world of growing, cursing at the weather and heavy clay soil. Am a bit out of practice at this scale of growing so there may be a few questions coming...

Good luck with the new allotment.  Hope you have lots of manure and compost for improving the soil.  I always think clay is better than sand tho hard work at first and the weather should be improving now..

Welcome back   :icon_cheers:. Are you in the north, south, east or west Coz ?

Tricia  :wave:

Thank you!

Am on the south coast, Hastings.

Am beg, stealing and borrowing everyone’s compostables ready to my my life a little easier for next year!


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