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Hi, to all newbies, I have started this  this spot here so you can,  if you choose, come and  say Hi and introduce yourself and  tell us a bit about your garden etc. Often newbies get overlooked when saying hi in the other threads and I for one feel bad if I don't get chance to welcome them.  I will bump up the thread periodically and we can see how it goes.

XX Jeannine

Marvellous idea, thank you!!

I'll start the ball rolling, shall I?

Newbie to this site, joined a few weeks ago, but just after I did, the 'pooter packed up!!

We don't have a 'proper' allotment  :(

We DO have a walled garden with a veg plot of 25yds x 25yds  ;D

Had a bad few years for various reasons, so starting off with a massive clearout of the brambles, weeds etc. If you want to see how we're getting on, look at our new blog at

We're in Sutton Coldfield nearish to Hill allotments, just much, much colder!

Into growing lots of old/Heritage varieties, to try and keep in with the age of the garden, plus unusuals such as Oca, Achocha etc  So I'm doing a lot of swaps with friends made on this and other sites.

Hope to pick up some tips from all the many experts on this site - you all sound brilliant!!

Nice idea, Jeannine.

I remember that when I joined I was very hesitant about jumping into an established thread; it seemed a bit like butting into a private conversation. (And I'd been lurking for months, so already had an idea of a few of the more established members.)

Welcome Torreya!

Welcome Torreya, looks like you have your work cut out sorting the garden, but I bet it will be beautiful by the summer !  :)

Welcome Torreya and long may you stay  ;D


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