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Jerusalem Artichokes

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Do any of you out there grow them?
Tried once and they never appeared! ;D But I am willing to give them another try. If they appear this time, would they be suitable as a wind barrier?  Thanks DP

Hi Doris

Yes I grow them, they grow tall and so would indeed provide some shelter(and shade)but I would not go so far as to call it a barrier.

If you can try to get the variety Fuseau,plant the tubers in the spring to dig up around now. Some people leave a few in the ground to grow back but I find this leads to a mess/mass of weak plants with small tubers.

By all means leave some in the ground until early spring,but then dig them out and replant the best shaped tubers-I rotate them but mostly only because I never get the ground totally clear and find I have to dig up the `runt` regrowth.


Mrs Ava:
Grew them on our family plot, we were given a 'clump', but didn't like the taste at all!  Shame really as they did really well.  My neighbour doesn't seem to have eaten hers at all, just cut the tops down and left them in.  The had very nice flowers, kinda like sunflowers.

Thanks Stephan and EJ, I was going to grow Fuseau as they look easier to peel!! Had them the other night sauteed with garlic, delish! (even the kids ate them) Will take your advice Stephan, and dig up all every year.thanks again DP

Delia Online has a wonderful recipe for soup using jerusalem artichokes, lovely flavour. I am going to have a go at growing some next year. Do you chit them like potatoes?

Ten x

(They are a sunflower by the way, did you know?)


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