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--- Quote from: green-stuff on February 08, 2011, 22:32:36 ---I'm a newbie, and am having trouble with the A4A wiki. Is it broken, or is it something to do with the Mac I'm using???

--- End quote ---

I aint a newbie but clicked on the link anyway.... and it is blank ???   SL?

Yep, the page display error message.
I'm sure it will be sorted... ;)

Still no link today, will it be fixed?  Sounds like a good link when its working   ::)

It's working now thank very much mods, just had a quick look and it seems very interesting and informative, not got time to read just at the moment but will have a good look later. 
Many thanks (again!!)

Welcome to A4A Green-stuff...
Tony and some others chat in the virtual shed in the evening... they're all in their real sheds while it's light..  ;D


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