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If you are a newbie and you are looking for some basic information on allotments and cultivation then you may find the "For Newbies" page on the A4A wiki a good starting point. It contains links to selected sources of information, many provided by experienced A4A plot holders, providing a useful starter for a newbie.

Go to the wiki main page by clicking either on the wiki button at the top of this page or on the following link ...

... and then click on "For Newbies" in the displayed menu.

Was just wondering, as a newbie, why isn`t there an introduction thread for us to introduce ourselves?

Look in "The Shed" -"general" and you will find sticky topic where you can do just that :)

Hi All,

I'm a newbie, and am having trouble with the A4A wiki. Is it broken, or is it something to do with the Mac I'm using???

BTW I've been to the shed and it was empty...

Any hints on the above would be helpful.

Confused, of Essex.

nope, not just you, welcome to a4a  ;D


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