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For your beekeeping chit chat :)

I can't create a sub-board so I hope this sticky thread will be ok to start with.

Oh this is good,just need Tony or Robert to kick off now   ;D

This is a brilliant idea; maybe the chicken people would like a board as well?

I sneaked a look at my bees this afternoon; all four hives are alive. I don't usually lose them this time of year, it tends to be around January. Lasy year I lost two out of six in the autumn, and they were seriously weakin the spring, when another dwindled away. I suspect the problem was malnutrition due to the bad autumn weather. They were confined to the hives and using up what stores they had when they should have been bringing in a lot of ivy pollen. Pollen is the source of all their nutrition apart from carbohydrate, and I think that was the problem.

Well, here we go!!
my two hives are apparently doing really well, still flying in mid-november, bringing in some pollen (suspect it is from mahonia) and some nectar from ivy. I 'hefted' them today, and they are both  bl**dy heavy!!
One of my queens is an '08 queen,(collected swarm) and by the colour of her, got a fair bit of italian in her. The other one is a '09  'norfolk mongrel',(purchased nuc) and a lot darker. both hives are in 'commercial' broods, solid floors, feed holes in the crown boards open for the winter.
Bees still flying most days, and even still got a few drones!!

how many other Beeks are members here?
how many / what type of bees / hives has everyone else got??
come on, don't be shy!! ;)

Hi- we don't keep bees, but my husband has just made a lovely des res for bumble bees to go in our garden- has also made a posh version for our son and daughter-in-law for Christmas.  When is the best time to place it in the garden ?


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