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Last summer (probably about August) on one of our gardening shopping sprees, mum-in-law and I say some ginger plants which looked gorgeous (and I love the taste!), so she bought some root ginger from the supermarket as it was already sprouting and planted it. But it didn't grow.

Would it be better to plant it in the spring when it would naturally start growing again? Any other tips on growing it?

Mrs Ava:
I have grown ginger in the greenhouse, and it grew lots on top, but didn't grow any bigger at the root.  I planted it in very well drained compost in a big pot and watered sparingly.  It took quite a while to sprout, but once it did it shot up lots of spears of leaves.  I believe the ginger plants that you buy at the garden centre are not the edible gingers. I think warmth and light are the key as they grow in tropical climes.  Hope this is a little bit more help.  :-/

- you will, of course, have checked out & New Jardin on the net. Easier than trying to tell you!!

Just made a 'Winter Warmer' soup with parsnip, pots, ginger etc, etc = Tim

Ooh!  Please post receipt on recipe board Tim, sounds yummy!  ;D


Yes please Tim! I have parsnips which I can get  8 portions from (1 snip!)  yes I forgot to lift them earlier! They are not too woody either which is a miracle  ;D  So a good soup recipe would be lovely!  DP


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