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I thought I'd post this think to the essential aids website.  I had a quick scout through the posts and it seems it's not been posted before.  They have all sorts of helpful gadgets and gismos for those who need a bit of assistance.  There is a section for gardening with various adapted tools.  Hope it's of use :)

Thanks for that Sam 8) It's going to be a really useful site to bookmark - which I'm off to do right now :)

SamLouise Thank you for that could come in handy  :)

Thanks for the link,  Samlouise..I have some  thick, rubber handled long hand tools, mainly from places like wilkies and things Ray had adapted for me  :)
I also grow plants on to a decent size then plant them using a bulb planter  :)


then plant them using a bulb planter 

see another great tip  :)


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