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The lack of a site loo can make allotments inaccessible to many people, and it's a problem that many are too embarrassed to raise.  I'd like to see a toilet on every site to eliminate this awkward discrimination.  Mains sewerage isn't even necessary with composting toilets and cost isn't necessarily an object either with a primitive privy being nothing more than a hole in the ground with a shed on top - though a couple of grand would be a good investment.

interesting unwashed,ive seen threads about composting loos on here,but as we are now in the position of possibly acquiring one,ill be off to look again
we got a portaloo from the council already but the blinking thing stinks a mere 2 weeks after getting it cleaned (28 quid a go) so am looking at other options for the community garden

I've not actually seen one, but NatSol look good, and there are several allotment installations.  I spoken to a few peeps and there seems to be quite a bit of revulsion at the thought of a composting loo but I'm open minded and I'd like to hear from people with experience.

We've been looking at this recently, too. There are two main suppliers: Natsol & Kazuba, using similar, but slightly different technology. Both have very informative websites and are very helpful on the phone.

They are not cheap, but the cost can be cut if you can provide some of the labour/building yourself; and there may (or may not, in the current climate!) be funding available to help.

One of our plotholders has built one inside - at the end of - his greenhouse (that part doesn't have glass walls ;D). Anyone can use it.

 We have been investigating this for the site, but my worries are: who cleans it and what do you do if it is left in a filthy state? who does the maintenance?

I am quite happy to pee in a bucket in my shed and add it to my compost. Anything more major I would head for home.


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