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Whether you’re an elderly person who has enjoyed gardening all of your life but have now found that it’s become a bit of a struggle physically or you’re a younger person who has always had some kind of disability – it doesn’t necessarily mean that gardening should be off limits.

In fact, getting out amongst wildlife and nature can often help ease things like stiff joints and help with things like breathing and gardening is an activity that doesn’t require you to over exert yourself so if you’re still able to get up and about, you can make it as leisurely as you want it to be.

hear hear! :)

I used to know a lifelong gardener who was well into her 90's who could no longer garden but loved to have a potter round every day, weather permitting.  She always said, with a twinkle in her eyes, that having that to look forward to was the only thing that got her out of bed in the mornings!

 Graceland, i get up & about do housework etc: but it is almost impossible for me to garden i am almost imobile with my Osteoarthritus, in both my knees i grow the things to plant in my greenhouse & plant up pots & hanging baskets i cannot do much else around the garden.  But believe me i do try. ;D

Having had to give away one of my allotments over the weekend due to the fact that i can no longer continue to work two, this thread makes me think A4A has put a CCTV remote in in one of them. Is GraceL,s surname Orwell.
I have in the past knocked out some very harsh criticism to people who get allotments and then don't bother with them, they come out with the same old excuses, no doubt you have heard the same pathetic stories as me.
We have a chappie who through a stroke is paralysed down one side and his allotment is second to none. So when people try to give their reasons we usually reffer them to him saying he manages OK so why cant you.

Doing your work, jobs, task or whatever in gardening or in life for that matter is not hindered by your physical handicaps it is only limited. You can come up with a thousand reasons not to go to the garden and do a few hours work, you can only think of very few to go there on a rainy, damp or cold day, some can think of a reason on  a glorious sunny day.

As in life it come down to ones mental attitude, determination not to waist what that day in your life gives you, the will power to go that extra yard.

When you are child a day lasted a week when you get older a week lasts only a day


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