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I have used an old terrex spade for years. They mean that you can dig without bending, for hours, only your hands get sore from the handles rotating in your grip.
Ideally you need to trench first, to provide a hole into which you pitch the sod, and this follows across the dug area.
You still need to be able to foot-in the spade, except in very loose soil. The blade is old-fashioned carbon-steel, so it will take a good edge. The sequence is:
Dig in the blade, not more than about 6 inches from the edge.
Rock the spade forward to break the sod loose.
Flick back the spade handle.
The spade pivots on its back extension, and if you get the knack, the sod goes up, turns over, and lands upside down in the trench.
Continue until bored / tired / thirsty.
Cannot beat it for pre-winter rough digging!

Small do your arms work better than your legs. Could you use a small azada type tool any better. There places on our plot where we couldn't get a spade or fork in the ground but the azada went in without a problem.

Thanks, Bionear - I can't do the foot-in bit very well so maybe the Terrex isn't different enough. About the Azada, grannyj:  I've looked this up in severalplaces, is it just like a sharp mattock? One site shows it like a sort of draw may be useful for ground prep, but I still need to find a way to prepare bean trenches etc.  Thanks all for your help.

Duke Ellington:
Here is a video of a Terrex spade in action


i have used my azada from a wheelchair when i'm bad,
i can dig potato trenches with it.


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