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RHS Level 2 Certificate in Horticulture 2009/2010

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I am starting the certificate in a couple of weeks at Shuttleworth College. I was wondering if anyone else was starting the certificate this term?

hi im starting but on distance learning if thats any good. T

Same here, i have allready stared but im also doing long distance learning via HCC.


I am thinking about signing up for this course. Most probably by distance learning as my working hours mean I would struggle to get to the local provider for 6 or 6.30 (am a college lecturer, but often teach till 5pm and have quite a distance to travel home in bad traffic).

Which providers do people recommend? I would be looking for something that is a bit more than a set of notes (could read a book for that). Having worked in education maybe I am just being really picky, but I would be looking for something with good quality materials. Maybe a virtual learning environment with some interactive teaching resources?


Just thought I would bump this up again, on half term this week with lots of studying to do. Considering the course is a GCSE equivalent level it does seem to be quite a bit harder than that.  I am at college for 5 hours a week and the lecturer seems to touch on the subject with lots of handouts and then moves on, seem to be spending a few hours a week recapping at home filling in the blanks. Maybe it's because it's been 20 odd years since I was at school and we have mainly been doing the science part this term.

I do seem to be struggling with the latin names pronounciation and remembering them, maybe that will come in time.

I do find walking around the gardens helpful in terms of building my plant knowledge and its nice to meet other students. Not sure how I would get on doing the distance learning myself as I get easily distracted, its nice to have a lecturer to keep me focused! :)

Hi Teejam and Woody - how are you guys getting on with the distance learning?

Hi Sparkly - sorry I can't help with the long distance information as I didn't consider it ,maybe the others can help more....


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