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Drive-by abuser:

Liverpool Healthy Schools team might be able to assist, you can contact Natalie Cooper on 233 3901.
good luck

the easy enviro raised beds are great , the new are 65 cm, recycled and dead easy last year were sold to many schools and few places with disabilities .
very simple idea and not expensive- contact me if you have any interest -I am very keen to help.

In march I am helping a school project so they get a big discount -as they need 10.

the new ones are in brown!

Hello-a project I'd love to be involved in. Differently textured areas/paths also an idea-so slate chips, woodchips, grass etc. I'll keep thinking. Let us know how you get on. x

  we have a sensory garden and use different types of grasses in a raised bed encouraging people to touch they are spaced about 2ft apart ,those are for textures then for smell we use mint ..thyme and lavenders  all encouraging touch the soil is covered with a weed suppressant and then bark

 :D good luck e need more like this


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