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EJ's Rhubarb Chutney

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I have just been labelling Rhubarb Chutney made last night from EJ's recipe and thought I would just put a link to it on here.  It is one of my favourites.,20752.60.html

just in case anyone still needs a recipe.

I also made Rhubarb and Ginger jam this morning - up early to get it done before I was disturbed!,16529.0.html

smelt wonderful, I have never made this one before but am looking forward to trying it.

I reasoned that while I can't pick rhubarb for stewing now as the oxalic acid content will be too high, the smaller amount you would eat in jams and chutneys would still be ok.  Hope so!

Made plum jam and blackberry and apple jam yesterday too, think that is enough jam for this weekend!

Have onion bread in the breadmaker and off to start Duke's Courgette and Brie soup. - I'm having fun. :)


R+Ginger Jam is lovely...
I have a kitchen of Plums and Discovery Apples to process this morning...  ::)

ooh have fun Saddad. ;)

I haven't forgotten about the squash recipe, keeping my eye out for it while I am  cooking.


that looks like a nice recipe, might steal a few more stems  ;D
our kitchen alternates between patak's with onion relish and chutney and mr. kiplings with great piles of discovery apples, making apple juice, stewed apples and apple pies..pears next  ;D

Manics, I would love a recipe for onion relish, do you have time to put it on here or tell me which book it is in?

Your kitchen sounds like mine, I need to come off here and go and tidy up before I start anything else. :-[  I have 7 old apple trees well laden at the moment so will be starting on apple recipes next. ::)



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