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Mrs Ava:
Okay, Dan has been kind enough to give us a side room in the shed to show off our carved pumpkins, so what are the rules going to be??

I reakon it doesn't matter if you have grown your pumpkin or if you have brought it, but it might be nice if you mentioned it.  Guess we could go down the route of biggest and heaviest here also.

Then pics of the carved beasts.  I think posting should take place from say....Sat 23rd October through to sometime that first week in November (some peeps might be away Halloween week as it is half term  ;D)

Can either use your own artistic imagination, or use a pattern, but again, might be nice if you mentioned it.  Then we can have some votes to see whose we like the best.

What do you reakon??

Hurrah, and thanks Dan!  Sounds good EJ, Last piccies in by the 5th November? ( Remember, remember the 5th of November!)Voting to Start on the 6th?
Same as the show, Just  photo areas with NO comments, and start a talk thread if anyone wants to discuss them?

What happened to taking potshots at Doris on her broomstick? Best explosion, most creative use of powertools, biggest cost to the NHS &c.

BTW picked mine at the weekend as I didn't want to risk the frosts and I think that they stopped growing a couple of months ago.


Andy H:
yeah! Best explosion! ;) Can`t get video on here though?
Although if allowed to do it in newly done garden then could email it to anyone...
Not sure what I would carve on it first though?
Last year I drilled (Yep power tools)! loads of holes to look like stars ::)then blew it up(to the stars)!


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