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Horticulture Degree- a follow up to my 'Gardening Career' thread

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A while back I asked about gardening as a career, and was informed that it is low paid and hard to find work - at craft level.

So, I started thinking about it a little bit differently.

I have been offered the chance, however, to study a BSc in Horticulture at Pershore College/Uni of Worcester. I'd love to do it- if for nothing more than out of personal interest.

None of my mates who have degrees are currently working in the same area as their degree- I have one friend who works in engineering, yet she did a media degree. So, my point is that having a degree in any subject has it's merits and transferable skills, such as report writing, analysis, etc.

What are your thoughts on a Horticulture degree? Has anyone done similar? What type of jobs would be available on graduation?

i have just finished a foundation degree in horticulture, there a several job oportunities for folk with qualifications, check out 'horticulture week' magazine ;)

if you are set on this - go for it.  You are right that any degree will give you transferable skills (will this be your first degree?)

This is a big undertaking, so I suggest that if you want serious advice that you talk to the Careers advice team at Pershore.

Good luck

hey, what a co-incidence... I have just been offered a place at Pershore on the HND (first 2 years are same as BSc)  My IT role is being made redundant (as I wasn't prepared to go and work in Norwich...) and I have decided to use the "disaster" to do the horticulture course I have always wanted; with the aim to start my own business.  Hey, there's no IT jobs out there at the moment so I may as well do something productive (no pub intended  ;)) rather than go on "job seekers". 

I want to do the BSc, but can only financially commit to 2 years, so will do the HND - first 2 years are same as BSc, so I can do the 3rd year if I wish to later with no penalties.  Like you, having any degree is often more imprtant than what it is.  I knew a guy in IT who had a music PhD...  I may have to get back into IT after the course to pay the mortgage (and during summer hols with short contracts) and start a business part time initially, but I hope a miracle will occur and I will not ever have to work in IT again...

I have not been online recently as I have been so busy, so have only just read all your posts

I had seriously considered Askham Bryan, which i live near to, but the enthusiasm at AB seemed seriously lacking, and at the open day, horticulture was noticeably absent in showing off their courses... So I went to Pershore last week to guage a difference, despite it being 200 miles away... wow, what a difference, I always knew it was a good college, but the difference was amazing...

Maybe I will meet you there.  I am now considering where to live on the college days!  I am looking at cheap B&B's, but I may even buy a small caravan and find a site & storage!!!  The main thing is I need to keep expenses down so I can keep paying my mortgage (bulding work on house is now on long term hold  :()

if you wish to communicate with me, please pm me.


i shall be starting HNC in organic horticulture at Pershore next week!


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